Query Functions

Note: The functions for multiple connections have been deprecated, and support for multiple connections will be fully removed in a future version. It is therefore recommended to work with the single connection functions only.

C Language C# Language Java Language Description
vtc.queryColumn vts_multi.query_column Vtc.query_column Retrieves the data in a field.
vtc.queryRow vts_multi.query_row Vtc.query_row Retrieves the data in a row.
vtc.retrieveMessage vts_multi.retrieve_message Vtc.retrieve_message Pops the first field from a column.
vtc.retrieveMessages1 vts_multi.retrieve_messages Vtc.retrieve_messages Pops the first fields from specified columns.
vtc.retrieveRow vts_multi.retrieve_row Vtc.retrieve_row Pops the first fields from all columns.