Example: nca_step_begin Session Functions

Indicates the beginning of a set of nca_java_action calls to send to the server as one packet.

void nca_step_begin( );

The nca_step_begin function prevents the sending of data to the NCA server until the script encounters an nca_step_end function. This enables the script to send a set of nca_java_action calls (and other nca_java functions) as one packet.

This function is useful for cases in which the server expects to receive several nca_java_action calls as one packet. If the nca_java_actions are received individually, the server rejects the communication and script replay fails.

The nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions cannot be nested.

This function can be manually entered and can also be generated automatically during code generation:

Return Values

No value returned.


Parameterization is not available for this function.