Converts an SJIS string to EUC and assigns it to a parameter.


web_sjis_to_euc_param( LPCSTR param_name, LPCSTR param_value_in_SJIS );
Property Name
The name of the parameter. No spaces are allowed.
A null-terminated string in SJIS to be converted to EUC and assigned to the parameter.

Return Values

Not applicable


The following argument(s) can be parameterized using standard parameterization: param_name and param_value_in_SJIS

General Information

The web_sjis_to_euc_param function converts a null-terminated string encoded in SJIS to a string encoded in EUC, and assigns it to a parameter. You can use the lr.evalString function to determine the value of the parameter.

During recording, VuGen converts an EUC string sent by the server to SJIS and sends it to an action function. The web_sjis_to_euc_param function is added before the action function, and its parameter is inserted into the action function. During replay, VuGen uses the web_sjis_to_euc_param function to convert the string back to EUC and store it in a parameter. The parameter is then used for subsequent action functions.

This function only applies to the Japanese Edition. It is supported for all web scripts.


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