Search Filters for Save Parameter Registration Functions

The Search Filters section starts with the marker, SEARCH_FILTERS. Any number of specifiers can be entered. For example:


The Search Filters section is optional. Where the section is specified, all of the search specifiers are optional.

The search specifiers are:

  • ContentType: Only responses with the specified ContentType header are searched. The ContentType can contain the * wildcard.

  • HeaderNames: A comma-separated list of HTTP response header names. Only the specified headers' values are searched. This argument applies only when the Scope is "Headers". If no Ordinal value is specified, the first occurrence of a match of the LB and RB is found.

  • IgnoreRedirections: If "IgnoreRedirections=Yes" and the server response is redirection information (HTTP status code 300-303, 307), the response is not searched. Instead, after receiving a redirection response, the GET request is sent to the redirected location and the search is performed on the response from that location.
    The default is No.

  • RelFrameID: The hierarchy level of the HTML page relative to the requested URL. The possible values are ALL or a number. Click RelFrameID Attribute for a detailed description.

  • RequestURL: Only responses to this request are searched. The URL can contain the * wildcard.

  • Scope: Where to search for the delimited data. Optional.
    The possible values are
    All- Search the entire buffer
    Headers - Search only the headers
    Body - Search only body data
    Cookies - Search only in cookies

  • If no DFES argument is specified, All can be used.

    If Scope=Headers and a HeaderNames filter is used, only the values of the specified headers are searched. If no HeaderNames filter is used, all header text is searched.

    Scope=All does not apply to web_reg_save_param_xpath.

    The default is All, except for web_reg_save_param_xpath, where the default is Body


    Scope does not support web_reg_save_param_attrib.