Help Center Tips

You can access the Help Center on the web, or use the locally installed Help Center:

  • To switch between online and local modes, select Help > Help Center Options > Open Online or Open Locally.
  • If you are working on a full installation LoadRunner machine, the Help Center Options for all components are set according to the setting in VuGen.


  • To view the Help Center in Internet Explorer or within VuGen, you need to enable Javascript (Active scripting) in your browser settings (Tools > Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level).
  • If the online Help Center is unavailable at the start of a LoadRunner application session, the Open Online option may be disabled during the whole session with that application.

To improve your search results, avoid including special characters such as %, #, or + in your search string.

Here are some examples of the syntax you can use for searching:

Type To find
"find me"
(in quotes)
Topics that include the exact phrase, "find me".

find me


Topics that include both the words “find” and “me”, but not necessarily as a phrase.

find or me

find | me

Topics that contain either "find" or "me" (or both), in any order.
find ^ me Topics that include the word “find” but not the word “me”.