Returns a hashed string value of a bitmap (snapshot) on demand, for use in custom synchronization functions.

C Language

int pcoip_get_bitmap_value( long x, long y, long width, long height, char *buffer, [const char* snapshot], LAST);

Example Teradici PCoIP Protocol


Name Comments
x The horizontal distance, in pixels, of the bitmap's top left edge from the left border of the client window.
y The vertical distance, in pixels, of the bitmap's top left edge from the lower border of the client window.
width The width, in pixels, of the bitmap.
height The height, in pixels, of the bitmap.
buffer The output parameter containing a hashed string representing the bitmap value.
snapshot The name of the bitmap file containing a snapshot of the window.
LAST A marker that indicates the end of the argument list.


Use pcoip_get_bitmap_value to retrieve a hashed string value of a bitmap for use in your custom synchronization functions. The borders of the area used to calculate a hash value of the bitmap are specified in the first four parameters. This is useful as it saves a snapshot of the screen on demand in addition to snapshooting the usual capturing upon mouse events.

buffer should be at least 33 characters long (32 characters for hash and NULL terminator). You can allocate memory space for buffer before pcoip_get_bitmap_value is invoked, and deallocate the memory afterwards.

Return Values

E_ALREADY_CONNECTED Do not call this function after the connection is established.
E_NOT_CONNECTED Action cannot be performed. There is no connection to the remote server.
E_OUT_OF_TIME Function timed out.
E_ILLEGAL_PARAMETER Illegal parameter found.
E_INTERNAL Internal error found.


No parameterization is available for this function.


The following is an example of the use of pcoip_get_bitmap_value.

pcoip_get_bitmap_value(166, 56, 136, 155, bitmap_value, "snapshot_2", LAST);