Deprecated. Use lrvtc_clear_message. Clears the data in a field.

C Language

VTCERR2 vtc_clear_message ( PVCI2 pvci,  char *columnName, int rowIndex, unsigned short *outRc );

C# Language

bool vts_multi.clear_message ( int pvci,  string columnName, int rowIndex );
Data Update Functions


Name Comments
pvci The server connection handle.
columnName The name of the column.
rowIndex The row number. The first row has an index of 1.
outRc The return status. 1 - Pass or 0 - Fail

vtc_clear_message sets the value of the specified cell to an empty string.

Return Values

C Language:   Returns zero on success or one of the Error Codes.

C# Language: Returns true on success.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.

C Language Example

int   rc;
unsigned short status;
PVCI2  pvci=0;
rc = vtc_clear_message(pvci, "O_ID", 1, &status);
lr_log_message("clear_message status=%d\n", status);

C# Language Example

.Net Multiple Connection Example