.NET Vuser Functions

These functions are used in .NET Vuser scripts.

Click one of the following functions for more information:

ConfigureRemoting Specifies the configuration file for the remoting environment.
DoDataRead Reads records from a DataReader object.
CreateDelegateFromMethod Creates a delegate of the specified type that represents a static or instance method.
FindPort Finds a unique port
GetMethod Retrieves MethodInfo for a method.
GetSerializedDataContract Deserializes a data contract from the specified file.
GetSerializedObject Deserializes an object from the specified file.
InvokeConstructor Invokes a constructor.

Invokes a generic method.

InvokeMethod Invokes a method.

Invoke a static generic method.

InvokeStaticMethod Invokes a static method.

See also: Utility Functions: .NET (lr.)