Attributes for Save Parameter Registration Functions

Note: If "Notfound=warning" is used without "Original=All" the parameter is not set if the capture pattern does not match the response. You can check for whether the parameter was captured or not by using lr_eval_string and comparing to a string literal. For example:

lr_save_param_regexp (
   LAST );
   // If lr_eval_string("{reloadTargets}") returns the literal string {reloadTargets}, 
   // then the parameter was never set. This means no match was found.
   if (strcmp(lr_eval_string("{reloadTargets}"), "{reloadTargets}") == 0)   
      lr_output_message("reloadTargets was not set");
      lr_output_message("reloadTargets was set to %s", lr_eval_string("{reloadTargets}"));