Non-English language support overview

VuGen supports multilingual environments, allowing you to use languages other than English on native language machines when creating and running scripts.

When working with languages other than English, the primary issue is ensuring that VuGen recognizes the encoding of the text during record and replay. The encoding applies to all texts used by the script. This includes texts in HTTP headers and HTML pages for web Vusers, data in parameter files, and others.


  • Script names must be in English.
  • VuGen/LoadRunner Professional does not support non-English symbols in paths to scripts, scenarios, results, or analysis sessions.

Windows 2000 and higher lets you save text files with a specific encoding directly from Notepad: ANSI, Unicode, Unicode big endian, or UTF-8.

By default, VuGen works with the local machine encoding (ANSI). Some servers working with foreign languages, require you to work with UTF-8 encoding. To work against this server, you must indicate in the Advanced recording options, that your script requires UTF-8 encoding.

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