Supported Java communication protocols

The Java Record Replay (JRR) protocol enables full VuGen functionality when recording a script on a Java application or applet. VuGen creates a script in pure Java and enhances it with Java-specific functions.

VuGen supports a variety of different communication protocols for Java applications:

Protocol Description
RMI See Working with RMI
CORBA See Working with CORBA
JACADA See Working with Jacada
JMS (Java Message Service). Supports messaging between computers in a network
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) Used for defining how a client may access a database

VuGen's built-in support for the Java protocols utilizes hook files to define how different classes communicate with each other. By default, VuGen only records client side activity in a script, which then emulates the load on the server. You must edit the hook file to change the actions recorded by VuGen.

Note: If you are recording a script that does not use one of the supported protocols above, you must define your own hook file. Otherwise your Vuser script will be empty.

For details, see Custom Java filters.