Example: ms_dns_nextresult DNS Functions (MS_DNS)

Advances to the next IP address in the list returned by ms_dns_query.

char* ms_dns_nextresult( char *ipaddresslist );
ipaddresslistA list of NULL terminated IP addresses, as returned from ms_dns_query or ms_dns_nextresult

The ms_dns_nextresult function looks up the next IP address in the list of IP addresses, that were returned by ms_dns_query.

A script that calls ms_dns_nextresultmust have an #include "mic_socket.h" statement. Before the first call toms_dns_nextresult , invoke lr_load_dll ( "micsocket.dll" );.

Return Values

Returns the next IP address in the list supplied by ms_dns_query


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.