Sets the data in multiple columns.

ExampleData Update Functions


lrvtc.sendRow1 ( columnNames, values, delimiter, sendflag );


columnNamesThe list of the columns to write to.
valuesThe list of values to write to the columns.
delimiterThe acter that separates the column names and values in the lists. If a string, rather than a single acter, is passed in delimiter, the string as a whole is the delimiter.

One of:

  • lrvtc.VTSEND_SAME_ROW—Send all the data to the same row.
  • lrvtc.VTSEND_STACKED—Data is sent to available fields in each column according to VTS internal logic.
  • lrvtc.VTSEND_STACKED_UNIQUE—Data is sent to available fields in each column only if the value does not already exist in the column it would be written to.

In all cases, a new row is created if required.

lrvtc.sendRow1 sets the data in multiple columns.

Return Values

Returns zero on success or one of the Error Codes.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.


var rc;
rc = lrvtc.sendRow1("C_ID;C_info;C_credit",
        "{p_cid};{p_cid}_info;0", ";",
lr.logMessage("send_row1 rc="+ rc);