Runtime settings

Runtime settings define the way a Vuser script runs, and can be configured before or after you record a script. These settings are stored in files located in the Vuser script folder. Runtime settings are applied to Vusers when you run a script using VuGen, Controller, LoadRunner Enterprise, or Business Process Monitor.

Configuring runtime settings allows you to emulate different kinds of user activity. For example, you can emulate a user who responds immediately to output from the server, or a user who stops and thinks before each response. You can also configure the runtime settings to specify how many times the Vuser should repeat its set of actions.

Different combinations of runtime settings are listed depending on the protocol you are working with. For more information, see Configure runtime settings.

You can export runtime settings to a JSON file and import them into another script, instead of having to set them repeatedly for each script. For more information, see Import and export runtime settings.