Welcome to Virtual User Generator (VuGen). VuGen is a primary tool for creating testing scripts that emulate the behavior of real users accessing applications on your system. The emulation is performed using virtual users, or Vusers.

Get started

How does it work?

Learn about Vusers and the technology behind Vuser testing.

For details, see About Vuser scripts.

Create scripts

Use the workflow to guide you through the process of creating a Vuser script for performance testing.

For details, see VuGen workflow.

VuGen protocols

Read about the many protocol technologies available for your VuGen scripts.

For details, see VuGen protocols.

Learn more

Watch videos that will help you to get started, and familiarize you with the VuGen features.

For details, see the VuGen video gallery.

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LRP tutorial

The LoadRunner Professional tutorial is a self-paced printable guide, designed to lead you through the process of developing Vuser scripts with VuGen, as well as familiarizing you with the LoadRunner Professional testing environment.

Begin the tutorial here: VuGen tutorial.

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VuGen updates

To check for VuGen version updates, use the Check for Updates feature available from VuGen's Help menu. Alternatively, you can configure VuGen to notify you about updates automatically on startup. For details, see Update Messages.

In addition, the VuGen start page displays periodic live updates about features, blog posts, webinars, and other information.

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Bookmark the Help Center

To ensure that you're always viewing the most up-to-date version of the VuGen Help Center, bookmark this link: https://admhelp.microfocus.com/vugen.

To create a link that will always point to the most recent version of a topic, replace the version number in the URL with 'latest'. For example:

  • Previous VuGen Help Center version:


  • Latest version:


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