SAP GUI protocol

The SAP GUI Vuser script typically contains several SAP transactions which make up a business process. A business process consists of functions that emulate user actions. Open the Step Navigator to see each user action as a Vuser script step.

The following example shows a typical recording of a SAP GUI client. The first section, vuser_init, contains the opening of a connection and a logon.

Note: The Open Connection step uses one of the connection names in the SAP Logon Descriptions list. If the specified connection name is not in the list, the Vuser looks for a server with that name.


In the following section, the functions emulate typical user operations such as menu selection and the setting of a check box.

The final section, vuser_end, illustrates the logoff procedure.

When recording a multi- protocol script for both SAP GUI and Web, VuGen generates steps for both protocols. In the Script view, you can view both sapgui and web functions.

The following example illustrates a multi-protocol recording in which the SAP GUI client opens a web control. Note the switch from sapgui to web functions.


sapgui_tree_double_click_item("Use as general WWW browser, REPTITLE", 
          "Referer=", ENDITEM,
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