Specify Application to Record dialog box

This dialog box enables specify the basic details needed to begin recording a Web Services script.

To access
VuGen > Start Record button, Next
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Opens the Recording Options dialog box. For user interface details, see Recording options.
Record default Web browser
Records the default browser actions. Specify the starting URL or click the Browse button to navigate to a location.

Note: The Web Services protocol only supports IE as the default browser.

Record any application
Records any Win32 application. You can also specify the following:
  • Program to record. Select the browser, internet application, or Win32 application to record

  • Program arguments (Win32 Applications only). Command line arguments for the application. For example, if you specify plus32.exe with the command line options peter@neptune, it connects the user Peter to the server Neptune when starting plus32.exe.

  • Working directory. A working folder for the application (only when required by the application).

Record into action
The section into which you want to record: vuser_init, Action, or vuser_end. For actions you want to repeat, use the Action section. For initialization steps, use vuser_init.
Record application startup
In the following instances, it may not be advisable to record the startup:
  • If you are recording multiple actions, in which case you need to perform the startup in only one action.

  • In cases where you want to navigate to a specific point in the application before starting to record.

  • If you are recording into an existing script.

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