Security Scenario Editor dialog box

This dialog box enables you to define security scenarios for your script.

To access
SOA Tools > Security Scenario Editor
Important information
You can also define scenarios for a specific service. For details, see Create and manage security scenarios.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
New. Resets the editor for defining a new security scenario. If you made changes to the current scenario, it prompts you to save them.
Load. Opens an existing shared scenario from a URL or file.
Save. Saves the scenario file. If you have not saved the file at least once, it prompts you for a name.
Save as. Saves the scenario file at a new location.
Help. Opens the Online help for security scenarios.
Close. Closes the dialog box.
Opens the Advanced Setting dialog box for setting the encoding, reliable messaging, secure session information, and proxy configuration.
Scenario type
The security scenario type: No scenario or a sub-type of Core, Security, WCF, or Optimization scenarios.