What's New in 2020 SP2

Check out below the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen, version 2020 service pack 2 (SP2).

Note: LoadRunner Developer, powered by the DevWeb engine, is available as a standalone installation. In earlier versions, LoadRunner Developer was generally referred to as "DevWeb Standalone".

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2020 SP1 and SP2:

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The LoadRunner family

The Micro Focus LoadRunner family provides an industry-leading, comprehensive portfolio for continuous load, stress, and performance testing. Based on smart analytics and real-time insights, using real-world simulations, and integrating with open-source and third-party tools, LoadRunner solutions drive the application efficiency, endurance, and stability required to achieve quality and speed on an enterprise scale.

LoadRunner Professional is the new product name for LoadRunner. The name change does not impact support or pricing of the product. In addition to seeing the new name in the marketing assets and the product UI, you will also see the name change reflected in the documentation and different systems such as the ADM support site, our main microfocus.com website, ADM community pages, and in social media posts.

LoadRunner Professional: Provides an on-premises solution for application performance and load testing that identifies the most likely cause of performance issues.

For details, see the LoadRunner Professional Help Center.

LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly named Performance Center): Provides increased efficiency and reduced cost through collaborative performance load testing.

For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise Help Center.

LoadRunner Cloud (formerly named StormRunner Load): Provides a scalable, cloud-based mobile app, and website load-testing resources.

For details, see the LoadRunner Cloud Help Center.

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VuGen and protocol enhancements

Virtual User Generator and its supported protocols include the following updates:

DevWeb protocol

The DevWeb protocol in VuGen includes the following enhancements:

  • Support for syntax validation when editing DevWeb scripts.
  • Support for client-side certificates during script replay.
  • Support for NTLM authentication for the proxy server during record and replay.
  • Ability to configure PAC support for the DevWeb Proxy Recorder.
  • Ability to define and edit run logic for DevWeb scripts in the DevWeb runtime settings.
  • Ability to add files to the script containing additional actions.
  • Additional replay enhancements added to the DevWeb runtime settings, including handling think time, ability to disable HTTP/2, and ability to bypass the proxy for specified servers.
  • Enhanced configuration for DevWeb recording options.

See DevWeb > Recording Options and DevWeb runtime settings.

See What's New in the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb Help Center for updates in LoadRunner Developer.


TruClient includes the following enhancements:

  • Upgraded TruClient Browser, equivalent to Mozilla 71.
  • Support for Chromium browser upgraded to version 80.

  • Masking for authentication passwords.

Check out the TruClient What's New for more details.

PCoIP protocol

PCOIP includes extra arguments in the sync methods:

  • Sync on bitmap can now handle shifting coordinates through an offset input argument.
  • Sync on text now has a waitfor argument to specify the expected type of event.

See the Function Reference.

LoadRunner Enterprise integration

VuGen now supports multi-tenancy on LoadRunner Enterprise servers. You can specify the tenant ID when connecting to a LoadRunner Enterprise server.

See Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise.


Virtual Table Server (VTS) functionality includes the following enhancements:

  • New API to locate a row using given column values: int lrvtc_search_row(char* columns, char* values, char* delimiter)
  • Support for passing VTS instance port number in a query string, if port forwarding is implemented on the VTS server side.

See the Virtual Table Server (VTS) documentation.

PCAP recording

Upgraded traffic analyzer support, enabling HTTPS recording from PCAP files (such as Wireshark).

See Capture and decrypt HTTPS traffic.

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Controller and Analysis enhancements

Controller and Analysis include the following updates (see the LoadRunner Professional Help Center for details):

Load generators

This version introduces OneLG, a combined load generator installation for all of the LoadRunner family products. You select the relevant LoadRunner family product during installation, and can later swap to a different product if required.

See Using load generators with LoadRunner family.

Gatling integration

Support for the execution of Gatling performance testing assets as part of Controller scenarios.

Note: This feature is currently available as tech preview.

See Gatling tests.

Dynatrace SaaS

Integration with the Dynatrace SaaS platform, enabling you to view performance data collected by the monitor in Controller and Analysis.

See Dynatrace SaaS / Managed monitor.

Rendezvous points for DevWeb

New DevWeb API to support rendezvous points, enabling synchronization of Vusers when running tests in Controller.

See DevWeb rendezvous points.

Export to InfluxDB

You can now export raw results data to InfluxDB at the end of every Controller run.

See Export run results to InfluxDB


Ability to create service level agreements based on the ratio of passed/failed transactions.

See Service level agreements overview.

Docker load generator

A predefined image is now available for Dockerized load generators on RHEL.

Note: The RHEL Dockerized load generator image is currently available as tech preview.

See Configure Dockerized load generators.

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Technologies, platforms, and security

LoadRunner Professional now includes the following:

OpenSSL Support for OpenSSL 1.1.1g
libcurl Support for libcurl versions up to 7.69.1

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Help Center updates

The LoadRunner Professional and VuGen Help Centers are available online from any browser, and include powerful search engine functionality, enabling you to search through all the Help Center content.

Note the following Help Center update:

VuGen help The Virtual User Generator help content is now available in the VuGen Help Center only. It is no longer included in the LoadRunner Professional Help Center.

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