What's New in 2020 SP3

Check out below the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Professional and VuGen, version 2020 service pack 3 (SP3).

For 2020 SP2 updates, see What's New in 2020 SP2.


  • The Help Centers for VuGen 2020 SP2 and SP3 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.
  • Refer to the What's New in the LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb Help Center for updates in LoadRunner Developer.

What's New video

Learn about some of the new features included in LoadRunner Professional version 2020 SP3:

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VuGen and protocol enhancements

Virtual User Generator and its supported protocols include the following updates:


The DevWeb protocol in VuGen includes the following enhancements:

  • API testing support. You can now import a Swagger.json file via the VuGen UI, and enhance the DevWeb script with the generated API calls.

    See API testing with DevWeb scripts.

  • Correlation rules UI. The DevWeb recording options include a new correlation rules UI, enabling you to define and edit correlation rules used by the DevWeb Offline Script Generator.

    See DevWeb > Recording Options.

  • Automatic fill for run logic. The DevWeb runtime settings now include an option to automatically populate the run logic tree with with all non-anonymous actions from the script.

    See DevWeb runtime settings.


TruClient includes the following enhancements:

  • Upgraded browser version support. Upgraded TruClient Browser support, making it equivalent to Mozilla Firefox 77.
  • Web components support. You can use Chromium or TruClient Browser to record and replay actions in pages with web components. 
  • Create snapshots on demand. You can now generate snapshots during replay wherever you add the "Take Snapshot" steps in the script.
  • VTS API to search rows. Use the new TC.vtcSearchRow method to locate a row within a VTS table, using specified column values.

Check out the TruClient What's New for more details.


Support for replay in 64-bit mode for the .NET protocol.

See .NET protocols.

Oracle NCA

Support added for dynamic handling of object names in Oracle NCA, for example, for button names.

See Oracle NCA functions in the Function Reference.

VTS on Linux

Virtual Table Server (VTS) can now be deployed on a Linux machine.

See the Install VTS documentation.

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Controller and Analysis enhancements

Controller and Analysis include the following updates (see the LoadRunner Professional Help Center for details):

TeamCity plugin

This release includes the LoadRunner plugin for TeamCity, enabling you to trigger LoadRunner Professional performance tests as part of your TeamCity projects, and view the results in TeamCity reports.

See Continuous integration with TeamCity.

Export to InfluxDB

Raw data can now be exported to InfluxDB during runtime.

See Export run results to InfluxDB or JSON.

Docker load generator

This release includes a OneLG Dockerized image for a Linux Ubuntu load generator.

See Configure Dockerized load generators.

Usage analytics

A new Usage Analytics tool provides you with general statistics about the scenario run.

See Usage analytics.

SLA worst transactions

The Summary Report now includes a section for the 5 worst transactions, enabling you to analyze the most problematic transactions based on their SLA status.

See Summary report with SLA.

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Technologies, platforms, and security

This release includes security updates, and support for the following technologies and platforms:

Windows Support for Windows 10 2004 and Windows 10 Enterprise LSTC 2019
Oracle Linux Support for Oracle Linux 8

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