Manually create a Kafka script

This task describes how to manually create and edit a custom script using Kafka protocol.

To manually create a Kafka script:

  1. Prerequisite: Set up the Java environment. For details, see Set up the environment for Java protocols.

  2. In VuGen, create a new Kafka protocol script. The Kafka script template opens in the VuGen editor.

  3. Insert your Java code in the Actions class. For more information, see Kafka protocol (manual).

  4. Set the classpath to the Java classes in Runtime Settings > Java Environment > Classpath. These files are then used as a reference, but are not contained in the script's folder.

  5. Enhance your script with rendezvous points, transactions, output messages, and so on. For more information, see Enhance a Java script.

Note: If additional files are required during replay, add them as follows: In the Solution Explorer pane, right click the Extra Files node and select Add Files to Script. The files are copied to the script's folder.

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