Copy a value and paste it to another step

This example describes how to copy a value and use it in subsequent steps.

Depending on your requirements, we recommend doing this by getting visible text, storing it in a parameter, and then reusing the value.

  1. Add a Generic Object Action step or expand an existing step to your script. Expand the Step section, and select Get Property from the Action dropdown box.

  2. In the Arguments section, select Visible Text from the Property dropdown box, and select or create a parameter for the value you want to copy in the Variable dropdown box (for example, CopiedText).

  3. To reuse this value in another field, perform the following:

    1. Add another Generic Object Action step to your script.

    2. Expand the Step section, and select Type from the Action dropdown box.

    3. Expand the Arguments section, and in the Value dropdown box, enter the name of the variable you used in step 2 as the value to be typed using the JavaScript editor .

      Set the Clear and the Typing Interval values as required.

  4. When you run the script, the Visible text property (whose value is stored in the CopiedText variable) is reused in the Search combo box in the third step.

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