Select a recording method for mobile applications

The VuGen mobile protocols expand VuGen's capability to record user activity on mobile applications, both nativeClosed A mobile application, such as a new service, where the application resides on the device, but communicates with the server at various intervals. and browser-basedClosed A browser-based application that has been configured for the display of the mobile device.. With these protocols you can:

  • Simulate users working on mobile devices
  • Create scripts based on the recordings of mobile devices or emulators


A protocol enabling you to develop scripts using mobile devices or mobile device emulators communicating with servers over HTTP. You can record network traffic into a capture file (PCAP file) and then use the PCAP file to create a Vuser script. Additionally, you can use a mobile emulator on your VuGen machine to develop your scripts. For more information, see Web - HTTP/HTML - recording methods for mobile applications.

If your client application… and… You can use…
  • Communicates with the HTML/HTTP protocol.

  • Is either a browser-based or native application.
  • Your device is in the same network as the VuGen machine.
  • Your device allows proxy configuration.
Record via a proxy
  • You have an existing capture file.
Create a Vuser script by analyzing a captured traffic file
  • You do not want (or cannot) record from the actual device.
  • Your mobile OS is Android.
  • You have a device emulator.
Use emulation to record mobile applications

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TruClient - Native Mobile

A protocol enabling you to record user activity in native, browser-based, or hybrid mobile applications using TruClient technology. The replay is performed on real devices, allowing you to obtain client-side measurements and test end-to-end performance. This method requires the installation of Digital Lab. For details, see TruClient - Native Mobile protocol.

Use if your client application is either:

  • Native, browser-based

  • Hybrid

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TruClient - Mobile Web

A protocol enabling you to record user activity in browser-based mobile applications using TruClient technology. The TruClient browser is modified to emulate the display of your mobile browser. For details, see TruClient - Mobile Web protocol.

Use if your client application is a browser-based mobile version of a website and supports Firefox.

Caution: TruClient - Mobile Web protocol will be deprecated in a coming version of VuGen. We recommend using a different protocol instead.

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SMP (SAP Mobile Platform)

A protocol enabling you to create .NET based scripts using files generated by SMP. For details, see SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) Protocol.

Use if your client application is built on SMP (SAP Mobile Platform).

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