What's New in VuGen and protocols

This topic introduces the new features and enhancements for VuGen and the VuGen protocols, version 2023 R1.

Note: The Help Centers for VuGen 2023 and 2023 R1 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant within the help.

To view enhancements for the 2023 version, see What's New in 2023.

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Learn about some of the new features included in VuGen version 2023 R1:

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This release includes the following protocol enhancements:

Area Enhancement
Cloud for AWS

This release introduces the new Cloud for AWS protocol. With this protocol, you can create Vuser scripts to monitor the usage of Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

The collected data is available in dedicated graphs in LoadRunner Controller and Analysis.

For details, see Cloud for AWS protocol.


TruClient protocols include the following updates:

  • Upgraded browser version support:

    • Chromium: Version 113
    • TruClient Browser: Equivalent to Firefox version 110
  • Support for Internet Explorer is fully deprecated, for both record and replay.

For details, see Browsers in TruClient.

Note: From version 2023 R1, TruClient help is part of the VuGen Help Center. Earlier TruClient versions remain in the previous help.

Web protocols

Web protocols now support server-side Brotli compression during recording and replay. Brotli compression is accepted automatically when recording. For replay, acceptance is configured in the runtime settings.

For details, see Accept server-side compression.


This release includes improved functionality for parsing HTML responses, reducing the noise and complexity in your DevWeb scripts:

  • HTML resources can be excluded from the web request step during script generation.

  • For replay, you can enable downloading of the resources discovered at runtime from the HTML body, without including the resources in the script.


Recording is now supported for Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.9 and 2.10.

For details, see GWT-DFE.


The SAP GUI protocol includes the following enhancements:

  • You can now configure the SAP client to remain open after encountering an error during script execution in VuGen.

    For details, see Keep SAP client open on error.

  • If the SAP client crashes during script replay, you can configure it to relaunch automatically, to enable the continued replay of any remaining iterations in the script.

    For details, see Relaunch SAP client on crash.

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Security and infrastructure

This release includes the following security and infrastructure enhancement:

Area Enhancement
Virtual Table Server (VTS)

VTS now supports LDAPS connection to the domain controller for NTLM authentication.

For details on configuring the domain controller connection, see Configure VTS.

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