Virtual Table Server (VTS)

VTS (Virtual Table Server) is a web-based application that works with Vuser scripts. VTS offers an alternative to standard VuGen parameterization.

When you use standard parameterization, each Vuser is assigned parameter values from a dedicated set of values - parameter values are not shared between Vusers. In contrast, VTS enables you to assign parameter values from a single set of parameter values to multiple Vusers. This may enable you to more accurately emulate a real-user environment.

VTS is composed of two components, VTS-Client and VTS-Server. VTS-Client is a set of API functions that are used to access data in VTS-Server. Because the VTS API functions integrate with VuGen, there is no need to install VTS-Client. VTS-Server includes a table that contains parameter values that can be used by your Vuser scripts. The VTS table is composed of columns and rows. Each column represents a set of values that can be assigned to a specific parameter in your Vuser scripts. The cells within a column contain the actual values that are assigned to the parameter.

To install VTS, see Install VTS. To run VTS using a Docker container on Linux, see Run VTS in a Docker container.

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See also:

  • TruClient Help Center (select the relevant version) for details on how to use VTS functionality in TruClient Vuser scripts.