Convert TruClient scripts to TruClient Web

Scripts recorded in TruClient version 12.02 and earlier can be replayed only in the browser on which they were recorded. You can convert these scripts to TruClient Web so that they can be interactively replayed on any supported browser. After the converted scripts have been interactively replayed on a particular browser, the scripts can be used on that browser in load tests.

Note: TruClient script conversion to Web - HTTP/HTML is not supported for converting to a JavaScript language script.

You can convert multiple scripts in VuGen using the TruClient batch conversion tool.

Tip: You can also use this process for a single script, if the script is contained in a parent folder that contains no other scripts.

To convert TruClient scripts to TruClient - Web:

  1. In VuGen, create a new TruClient - Web script.

  2. Select Tools > Convert TruClient scripts > Batch conversion to TruClient Web. The TruClient Scripts Converter dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Source folder field, define the path to the folder that contains the scripts to be converted. All of the scripts under the source folder must be single-browser scripts that can be converted by the tool.
  4. In the Destination folder, define the path for the location to save the converted scripts.

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