Mobile Device dialog box

The Mobile Device dialog boxes (Mobile Settings, Add, Remove, and Import) enable you to select, add, remove, and import mobile devices for use with the TruClient - Mobile Web Protocol.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • Develop Script button (opens the Mobile Settings dialog box)
  • Tools > Mobile TruClient Device Manager > ...

    • Add Mobile Device

    • Remove Mobile Device

    • Import Mobile Device

Relevant tasks


UI Element


Mobile Device

The mobile device under test.

If you added a new device, it is displayed at the end of the dropdown list.

User Agent The header string that is sent to server to identify your mobile device. Once you have a selected a device, the default header value is displayed. However, this header string can be modified.
Display Specify the width and height of your mobile device screen. TruClient - Mobile Web opens a browser window according to the display settings.