Resolve Conflicts dialog box

This dialog box allows you to import scripts or resources from a Git repository.

To access
  1. Open a script stored in a Git repository.

    • For a new script that is not part of a Git repository, select Git > Create local Git repository from right click menu.
    • For a script that already exists in GitHub, import it. Select Version Control > Git Options > Import from Remote Repository.

  2. In the Solution Explorer pane, click the parent level of the script and expand the Git item in the right-click menu and select Resolve Conflicts.

This dialog box also opens automatically if you attempt to perform a Pull operation for files that are in conflict.

Relevant tasks

Work with scripts in Git

Important Information

You set a merge tool from the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > Scripting > Comparison). Double click an entry to open it in the merge tool.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
<file list>

A list of User and Internal files that are in conflict. 

Double-click on a file to open a merge tool that allows you to resolve the conflict. For details about setting up a merge tool, see above.

Mark as Resolved
Marks the files whose check boxes are selected, as resolved.
To mark all files as resolved, choose Select all files.