Convert TruClient scripts to DevWeb scripts

VuGen enables you to convert your TruClient - Web scripts to DevWeb format.

This process enables you to initially record your business processes using TruClient's browser-based UI to simulate real user actions, enabling fast script development. After conversion, you have the benefit of lightweight DevWeb scripts that are scalable and cross-platform, and that can be easily edited in the VuGen editor.

In addition, when you add the DevWeb scripts to load tests, you can run a far greater number of Vusers than with the original TruClient script.

For details on recording a TruClient - Web script, see TruClient protocols.

To convert a TruClient - Web script to a DevWeb script:

  1. With the TruClient - Web script open in VuGen, select Tools > Convert TruClient Scripts > Convert to DevWeb.

    Tip: Make sure you have closed the TruClient Side Bar.

  2. In the Convert TruClient script to DevWeb script dialog box:

    • Define the name and location for the converted script.

    • Enter the port used by the DevWeb Proxy Recorder.

    • Click Recording Options if you want to change any recording options before the conversion.

  3. Click Convert.

    VuGen opens the web browser and replays the recorded TruClient script, while DevWeb captures all traffic via the proxy and generates the DevWeb script.

    The converted DevWeb script and the Recording report are then displayed in new tabs in the VuGen Editor.

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