Detect duplicate entries

VTS lets you check that the entries in a column of the VTS table are unique. You can check whether an existing value is unique, or you can check that a value is unique when you enter a new value or modify an existing value.

Check that an existing value is unique

VTS lets you check if the value in a cell is unique in the column.

Right-click the cell that contains the value that you want to check, and then select Check Uniqueness. VTS indicates whether or not the value is unique.

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Check if new or modified entries are unique

You can instruct VTS to highlight a new or modified entry if the entry is a duplicate of an existing entry in the column.

Note: You must specify this option for each column in which you want to check for duplicate entries. A small orange rectangle in the top right corner of a column title indicates that you have selected to display duplicate entries for that column.

  1. Select the column in which you want to highlight duplicate entries.

  2. Use the right-click menu or select Column Actions > Highlight Duplicated Entries. VTS places a check mark to the left of the Highlight Duplicated Entries menu option.

    VTS will highlight all new or modified entries in the column that are duplicates of an existing entry.


    • Existing duplicate entries are not highlighted.
    • Highlighting of duplicate entries is removed if you display another page and then return to the page with the duplicate entries.

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