Vuser behavior in Controller

When you set up a scenario to run a parameterized script, you can instruct the Vusers how to act when there are not enough values. The following table summarizes the results of a scenario using the following parameter settings:

  • Select next row = Unique

  • Update Value on = Each iteration

  • When out of values = Continue with last value

  • Situation
    Resulting Action
    More iterations than values
    Run until completion
    When the unique values are finished, each Vuser continues with the last value, but a warning message is sent to the log indicating that the values are no longer unique.
    More Vusers than values
    Run indefinitely or Run for ...
    Vusers take all of the unique values until they are finished. Then the test issues an error message Error: Insufficient records for param <param_name> in table to provide the Vuser with unique data. To avoid this, change the When out of values option in the Parameter properties or the Select next row method in the Parameter properties.
    One of two parameters are out of values
    Run indefinitely or Run for ...
    The parameter that ran out of values, continues in a cyclic manner until the values of the second parameter are no longer unique.

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