Create an XML parameter from a web service call

This task describes how to create a new XML parameter from a web service call. This procedure is in addition to the standard procedure to create a parameter. XML parameters can also be created by using the standard procedure.

To create an XML parameter from a web service call:

  1. In the Step Navigator pane, select the web_service_call whose XML you want to change to a parameter. Select Show Arguments from the right-click menu.

  2. Select the root element of the complex data structure. The right pane displays the argument's details.

  3. Select XML in the right pane, and click the ABC icon. The Select or Create Parameter dialog box opens.

  4. In the Parameter name box, enter a name for the parameter.

  5. In the Parameter type box, select XML if it is not already selected.

  6. Click Properties to assign a value set now, or OK to close the dialog box and assign values later.