Set AUT environment parameters

When working with scripts stored in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), you can work with different Application Under Test (AUT) environments.

AUT environments are environments that you define in ALM that represent different testing configurations. By parameterizing the environment data, you can make your test more flexible and portable. Instead of running several scripts that use the same logic, but with different AUT environment constants, you can maintain a single script that uses AUT environment parameters.

You define environment-specific parameters in ALM's AUT Environment configuration. During the test run, ALM inserts these values into your script. For more details on working with AUT environments, refer to the ALM Help Center (select the relevant version).

This task describes how to define an AUT environment type parameter in your Vuser script.

  1. Create a parameter in VuGen. Make sure the name of the parameter matches the name of the corresponding AUT environment parameter.
  2. Set the parameter type to "Custom parameter".
  3. Enter the following parameter description "ALMPARAM" , using the exact spelling and case.