Known issues for parameterization

This section describes troubleshooting and known issues for parameters.

Function argument limitations

You can use parameterization only for the arguments within a function. You cannot parameterize text strings that are not function arguments. In addition, not all function arguments can be parameterized. For details on which arguments you can parameterize, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version) for each function.

For example, consider the lrd_stmt function. The function has the following syntax:

lrd_stmt (LRD_CURSOR FAR *mptCursor, char FAR *mpcText, long mliTextLen, LRDOS_INT4 mjOpt1, LRDOS_INT4 mjOpt2, int miDBErrorSeverity);

The indicates that you can parameterize only the mpcText argument.

A recorded lrd_stmt function could look like this:    

lrd_stmt(Csr4, "select name from sysobjects where name =\"Kim\" ", -1, 148, -99999, 0);

You could parameterize the recorded function to look like this:

lrd_stmt(Csr4, "select name from sysobjects where name =\"<name>\" ", -1, 148, -99999, 0);

Note: You can use the lr_eval_string function to "parameterize" a function argument that you cannot parameterize by using standard parameterization. In addition, you can use the lr_eval_string function to "parameterize" any string in a Vuser script.

For the COM and Microsoft .NET protocols, use only the lr.eval string function to define a parameter. For example:


For more information on the lr_eval_string function, see the Function Reference.

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Data table file size limitations

If a .dat file's size is over 100MB, a message is displayed that the file is too big and will not be displayed.

If you need to load a file over 100MB, you can change "MaxParametersDisplaySize" parameter in vugen.ini:


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