Reference List dialog box [.NET protocol]

This dialog box allows you to manage the list of all of the referenced DLLs for your script.

To access
Click within the VuGen editor and select References from the right-click menu.

User interface elements are described below:


Entries in the list are global for all .NET scripts. This check box allows you to indicate whether this file should be active for the current script.


Indicates whether or not the DLL is shared.


The name of the DLL, usually containing its details, such as version number and token information (read-only).

Note: If you add a reference to a DLL for a .NET filter, VuGen adds it to the script's reference list only if the script accesses the DLL's methods during recording.

Copy Local

Indicates whether or not to copy the DLL locally. Clear this check box if the DLL loads the library by itself, or if it is available system wide, such as a DLL registered in GAC.

Hint Path

The HintPath of the project file, if specified (read-only).

Is Specific Version

Indicates whether or not the DLL is for a specific version.

Note: If you make any changes, such as selecting Copy Local, removing a row, or disabling Active for a specific reference, they are not effective until you regenerate the script (Record > Regenerate Script).

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