Citrix protocol overview

Citrix Vuser scripts emulate Citrix ICA protocol communication between a Citrix client and server. This can be a server on your network, or via a Citrix cloud (DaaS) environment, using services installed on Microsoft Azure. VuGen records all activity during the communication and creates a Vuser script.

Before you can create scripts for the Citrix protocol, you must set up and configure your Citrix environment to work with VuGen.

After the system is properly configured, VuGen generates Citrix functions when you perform actions on the remote server. Each function begins with a ctrx prefix. These functions emulate the analog movements of the mouse and keyboard. For example: 

ctrx_mouse_click(44, 318, LEFT_BUTTON, 0, CTRX_LAST);

In addition, you can use other ctrx functions to synchronize the replay of the actions, by waiting for specific windows to open.

VuGen also allows you to record a Citrix web interface session. In this case, the Citrix client is installed, but your interface is a browser instead of a client interface. To record Citrix web interface sessions, you must perform a multi-protocol recording for Citrix and web Vusers. In multi-protocol mode, VuGen generates functions from both Citrix and web protocols during recording.

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