Oracle NCA protocol overview

Oracle NCA is a protocol that handles communication with the Oracle Forms server. Using your browser, you launch the database client, an applet viewer. You perform actions on the NCA database through its applet viewer. This eliminates the need for client software and allows you to perform database actions from all platforms that support the applet viewer.

The NCA environment is a three-tier environment. The user first sends an HTTP call from his browser to a web server. This call accesses the startup HTML page which invokes the Oracle Applications applet. The client (applet viewer) communicates through the proprietary NCA protocol with the application server (Oracle Forms server) which then submits information to the database server.

VuGen records and replays the NCA communication between the client and the Forms server (application server).

The Oracle NCA protocol is commonly used as a multi-protocol in combination with Web - HTTP/HTML. This is the recommended way to record with Oracle NCA. If you are using Oracle NCA as a single protocol, web events are recorded but steps are not generated (or replayed) by default.

If you initially created a single protocol script for Oracle NCA, and at a later stage you require the web functions for testing, you can regenerate your script in VuGen to add the web functions, without having to re-record the session. You indicate this from the Protocols node in the Recording Options.

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