Oracle NCA record and replay tips

When recording an Oracle NCA Vuser script, follow these guidelines:

  • Recommended: Install Jinitiator before recording a script.

  • Close all browsers before you begin recording.

  • Record the login procedure in the vuser_init section. Record a typical business process in the Actions section. When you run the script, you can then specify multiple iterations for a specific business process. For more information, see Solution Explorer pane.

  • VuGen supports the recording of Oracle Forms applications using the Forms Listener Servlet in multi-protocol mode. The application server uses the Forms Listener Servlet to create a runtime process for each client. The runtime process, Forms Server Runtime, maintains a persistent connection with the client and sends information to and from the server.

  • Use the Oracle NCA > Code Generation recording options to identify Oracle NCA Java objects that behave in an asynchronous way, such as webutil objects, and add them to an array in the header file.

    A nca_java_set_area_class step that calls the array is inserted into the script just before the nca_connect_server step. This replaces the need to insert a nca_java_action step for each of these object throughout the script, thereby allowing for a cleaner script.

    For more details, see Oracle NCA > Code generation recording options

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