RTE protocol overview

An RTE Vuser types character input into a terminal emulator, submits the data to a server, and then waits for the server to respond. For instance, suppose that you have a server that maintains customer information for a maintenance company. Each time a field service representative makes a repair, he accesses the server database by modem using a terminal emulator. The service representative accesses information about the customer and then records the details of the repair that he performs.

You could use RTE Vusers to emulate this case. An RTE Vuser would:

  1. Type 60 at the command line to open an application program.

  2. Type F296, the field service representative's number.

  3. Type NY270, the customer number.

  4. Wait for the word "Details" to appear on the screen. The appearance of "Details" indicates that all the customer details are displayed on the screen.

  5. Type Changed gasket P249, and performed Major Service the details of the current repair.

  6. Type Q to close the application program.

You use VuGen to create RTE Vuser scripts. The script generator records the actions of a human user on a terminal emulator. The script generator records the keyboard input from the terminal window, generates the appropriate statements, and inserts them into the Vuser script. While you record, the script generator automatically inserts synchronization functions into the script. For details, see RTE synchronization overview.

The functions developed to emulate a terminal communicating with a server are called TE Vuser functions. Each TE Vuser function has a TE prefix. VuGen automatically records most of the TE functions listed in this section during an RTE recording session. You can also manually program any of the functions into your script.

For syntax and examples of the TE functions, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version).

An RTE Vuser emulates the actions of a real user. Human users use terminals or terminal emulators to operate application programs.

In the RTE Vuser environment, a Vuser replaces the human. The Vuser operates PowerTerm, a terminal emulator.

PowerTerm works like a standard terminal emulator, supporting common protocols such as IBM 3270 =; 5250, VT100, VT220, and VT420-7.

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