Type input into a Terminal Emulator

Two TE Vuser functions enable Vusers to "type" character input into the PowerTerm terminal emulator:

  • TE_type sends characters to the terminal emulator. When recording, the VuGen automatically generates TE_type functions for keyboard input to the terminal window. For details, see below.

  • TE_typing_style determines the speed at which the Vuser types. You can manually define the typing style by inserting a TE_typing_style function into the Vuser script. Alternatively, you can set the typing style by using the runtime settings. For more information, see Runtime settings.

    Note: While recording an RTE Vuser script, do not use the mouse to relocate the cursor within the terminal emulator window. VuGen does not record these cursor movements.

For more information about these functions and their conventions, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version).