Synchronize block-mode (IBM) terminals

The TE_wait_sync function is used for synchronization RTE Vusers operating block-mode (IBM) terminals. Block-mode terminals display the "X SYSTEM" message to indicate that the system is in Input Inhibited mode. When a system is in the Input Inhibited mode no typing can take place because the terminal emulator is waiting for a transfer of data from the server.

When you record a script on a block-mode terminal, by default, VuGen generates and inserts a TE_wait_sync function into the script each time the "X SYSTEM" message appears. You use VuGen's recording options to specify whether or not VuGen should automatically insert TE_wait_sync functions.

When you run a Vuser script, the TE_wait_sync function checks if the system is in the X SYSTEM mode. If the system is in the X SYSTEM mode, the TE_wait_sync function suspends script execution. When the "X SYSTEM" message is removed from the screen, script execution continues.

Note: You can use the TE_wait_sync function only with IBM block-mode terminals emulators (5250 and 3270).

In general, the TE_wait_sync function provides adequate synchronization for all block-mode terminal emulators. However, if the TE_wait_sync function is ineffective in a particular situation, you can enhance the synchronization by including a TE_wait_text function. For more information on the TE_wait_text function, see Synchronize character-mode (VT) terminals, and the Function Reference (select the relevant version).

In the following script segment, the Vuser logs on with the user name "QUSER" and the password "MYLAB". The Vuser then presses Enter to submit the login details to the server. The terminal emulator displays the X SYSTEM message while the system waits for the server to respond.

The TE_wait_sync statement causes the Vuser to wait until the server has responded to the login request, that is, for the X SYSTEM message to be removed—before executing the next line of the script.


When a TE_wait_sync function suspends the execution of a script while an X SYSTEM message is displayed, the Vuser continues to monitor the system—waiting for the X SYSTEM message to disappear. If the X SYSTEM message does not disappear before the synchronization timeout expires, the TE_wait_sync function returns an error code. The default timeout is 60 seconds.