Select an SAP protocol type

  • To test the SAP GUI user operating only on the client, use the SAP GUI Vuser type.
  • To test an SAP GUI user that also uses a web browser, use the SAP-Web protocol.

To record an SAP GUI session that uses browser controls, create a multi-protocol Vuser script with the SAP GUI and SAP-Web protocols. This allows VuGen to record web-specific functions when encountering the browser controls. This will not work if you attempt to combine SAP GUI and web protocols.

Before recording a session, verify that your modules and client interfaces are supported by VuGen. The following table describes the SAP client modules for SAP Business applications and the relevant tools:

SAP module
VuGen support
SAP Web Client or
Use the SAP-Web protocol.
SAP GUI for Windows
Use the SAP GUI protocol. This also supports APO module recording (requires patch level 24 for APO 3.0 for SAP 6.20).
SAP GUI for Java
This client is not supported.