Replay SAP GUI optional windows

When working with SAP GUI Vuser Scripts, you may encounter optional windows in the SAP GUI client—windows that were present during recording, but do not exist during replay. If you try to replay your recorded script as is, it fails when it attempts to find the missing windows.

VuGen's optional window mechanism performs the actions on a window only after verifying that it exists. The Vuser checks if the window indicated in the Select active window step exists. If the window is found during replay, it performs the actions as they were recorded in the script. If it does not exist, the Vuser ignores all window actions until the next Select active window step. Note that only SAP GUI steps (beginning with a sapgui prefix) are ignored.

To use this feature, in Tree view select the appropriate Select Active Window step and select Run steps for window only if it exists from the right-click menu.

To disable this feature and attempt to run these steps at all times, regardless of whether the Vuser finds the window or not, select Always run steps for this window from the right-click menu.