Generate a test automatically

This task describes how to create requirements or tests for checking your service.

  1. Open the wizard:

    Select File > New to open the New Virtual User dialog box. Select SOA Test Generator in the left pane and click Create.

  2. Add a service:

    Proceed to the next screen and click Add to import at least one service. If your service is not ready yet, you can use an emulated service. For details, see Add and manage services. Click Next.

  3. Select testing aspects:

    Expand the nodes and select the desired testing aspects. Click Next.

  4. Specify a location:

    Specify a test name and a location for the test scripts: ALM or a local file system. If you specified ALM, click Connect to log on to the server and Browse to locate the test node.

  5. Complete the test generation:

    Review the summary and include or exclude any scripts from the generation. Click Generate.

  6. Open the scripts:

    In the final screen, review the list of generated scripts and indicate which ones to open. Click Finish.