Comparison reports

VuGen lists the differences between the files in a Comparison report.

You can configure the comparison settings, indicating which items to ignore during the comparison. For more information, see the XML/WSDL Comparison dialog box.

In WSDL Comparison reports, there are two columns— Working Copy and Original File. The Working Copy is the WSDL stored with the script, while the Original File is the WSDL at its original location—a network file path or a URL.

In XML Comparison reports, each column displays the path of an XML file.

The Comparison report uses the following legend to mark the differences between the two files:

  • Yellow. Changes to an existing element (shown in both versions).

  • Green. A new element added (shown in the original file copy).

  • Pink.A deleted element (shown in the working copy).

In the following example, six differences were found.