Add a database connection

This task describes how to add a database connection step through the Tree view.

To add a database connection:

  1. Open Solution Explorer: Select View > Solution Explorer.

  2. Select the required section: vuser_init or Action. To avoid repeating the connection sequence in every iteration, place it in the vuser_init section.

  3. Select Design > Insert in Script > New Step. Choose the lr_db_connect step. The Database Connection dialog box opens. Specify a Step Name, Connection Name, and Data Provider, OLEDB or SQL.

  4. Create a database connection string:

    1. Click Connection String Generator to generate a database connection string specific to your environment.

    2. Indicate the connection properties:

      • Server Name

      • Database Name

      • Authentication method: Windows Authentication or User/password.

      • Username and Password

    3. Click Test Connection to verify that the information you provided is correct.

    4. Select an SQL Provider, OLEDB or SQL, and click Generate.

  5. Verify function in the script

    Check that an lr_db_connect function was written to the script.

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