Customize configuration files

The following steps describe how to modify configuration files. For details, see Custom configuration files.

To customize configuration files:

  1. Determine the location of the configuration file. The standard .NET configuration file, mmdrv.exe.config is located in the product's bin folder. Some applications have their own file, app.config.

  2. Save the application's configuration file. If your application has its own app.config file:

    • To apply the configuration information globally to all scripts, save the app.config file as mmdrv.exe.config in the bin folder, overwriting the existing file.

    • To apply the configuration information locally, specifically for this script, copy the app.config file to the script's folder. This overrides the mmdrv.exe.config file, and remains associated with this script even when you copy it to other machines.

  3. Set the security - optional

    By default, VuGen allows unsigned certificates to facilitate testing. To disallow unsigned certificates, modify the allowTestRoot flag in the <security> section to false.


       <x509 storeLocation="currentuser" alllowTestRoot="false"

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