SAML security options

VuGen supports SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) for Web Services. SAML is an XML standard for exchanging security-related information, called assertions, between business partners over the Internet. The assertions can include attribute statements, authentication, decision statements, and authorization decision statements.

SAML uses brokered authentication with a security token issued by STS (Security Token Service). The STS is trusted by the client and the Web Service to provide interoperable security tokens. SAML tokens are important for Web Service security because they provide cross-platform interoperability and a means of exchanging information between clients and services that do not reside within a single security domain.

You can set the SAML settings for an entire script or part of the script. For details, see Add SAML security.

Note: You cannot apply SAML security and the standard Web Service (a Web Service Set Security step) security to the same step. To cancel Web Service security, insert a Web Service Cancel Security step.

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