Store runtime settings in external files

Vuser behavior refers to the items that you can set in the runtime settings, such as wait times, pacing times, looping iterations, and logging.

Since VuGen creates the Vuser script and the Vuser behavior as two independent sources, you can configure user behavior without directly referencing the Vuser script. This feature lets you make configuration changes to a Vuser and store several profiles for the same Vuser script.

VuGen stores the behavior settings in the default Vuser.cfg file. You can save several versions of this file for different user behavior and then run the Vuser script referencing the relevant .cfg file.

By default, you cannot control the behavior file from VuGen. VuGen automatically uses the .cfg file with the same name as the script.

To call a specific configuration file, run the Vuser from the command line and add the following string:

-cfg c:\tmp\<MyCustomConfigFile>.cfg

For information on command line parameters, see Command line parameters.

Note: The Linux utility, run_db_vuser, does not support this option.