Command line parameters

The Vusers can accept command line parameters when invoked.

To send command line parameters to a Vuser from within VuGen, add the attributes and their values in the runtime settings. For details, see the General > Additional Attributes runtime settings view.

To control a Vuser from the Windows command line, type mdrv at a command prompt from the installation's bin folder, with the desired commands. You can also add custom user parameters, after all the other driver parameters. For example:

mdrv.exe -usr c:\tmp\Vuser\Vuser.usr    -out c:\tmp\vuser     command_line_params

There are several Vuser API functions available to reference them (such as lr_get_attrib_double). For details, see the Function Reference (select the relevant version).

Note: The Linux utility, run_db_vuser, does not support some of the standard Windows command line options. For details, see Run a Vuser script from a Linux command line.